Domestic ware Statement

I graduated from Farnham Art College in 1994 with a degree in 3D Design, Ceramics.

I have been self employed as a potter and painter since 1996 starting up my business in the North of England, Co Durham. I then moved to Devon in 2001 and have been living in Poughill near Crediton since.

It has changed the design of the pottery considerably living in the heart of the Devon countryside. The designs have become mini landscapes, that of my surroundings and the local coastlines, which have been a great source of inspiration.

I work on a Leach kick wheel rather than an electric wheel as I feel its more conducive to my way of working. I fire in an electric kiln firing to 1130 which is high firing for earthenware but makes it stronger and less prone to chipping.

I sell my work throughout the UK in various galleries and by doing shows and exhibitions. I also do commission work when asked.


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