Painting Statement

My approach to Painting:

Using bold colourful images with their childlike naivety allows me to explore the realms of spontaneity and the unconscious.

My philosophy is allowing not just the mind, but the whole body to be involved in the mark-making process, making it a very physical, dance-like approach, especially when working on large canvases. I work a lot on the floor, enabling me to drip ink and draw in a free, loose manner giving the work more energy and vitality while taking away any chance of controlling the ink too much. I try to be uninhibited with my mark making, using colour and texture to give the work depth and perspective.

I like to be able to move from one medium to another and be expressive in a very open and relaxed way. This allows me to be truly creative and confident, trusting the unknown. I keep reminding myself that what comes from within will lead the way forward, and it always has. Moving with what is natural and graceful is a beautiful thing, but hard to sustain and keep faith in
Artists such as Miro, Paula Rego, keep me strong in my belief that I can work in this way, ignoring the popular belief that a child could do better; it’s the child I’m trying to find. As an adult, it’s the child I have lost.

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