Artists Statement

Most of my ideas are generated from ongoing research of visual stimulation, decoding and recreating my own visual narrative. It is a working process, which continuously challenges conceptual notions between fantasy and reality. It is important that there is familiarity in the symbols I use, so that the relationship between the imagery and the onlooker creates a metaphorical conversation.

I enjoy the element of play and discovery, its ability to challenge me technically as well as artistically, enjoying the act of eliminating and incorporating changes so that the work can evolve.

I work very intuitively always being consious of the temptation to get too rigid with the formula so having to constantly re-address my working methods. Its a bit like having to always go back to the beginning. Often my favourite peice of work is the first I do in a series. Then the work begins and I try to achieve this fresh, lively energy the first peice often has.

I live in the heart of devon, which inspires me daily, seeing each season come and go, forever changing. This is a never ending source, always giving, never empty.

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